First Presbyterian Church
Raton, New Mexico


Prayer Joys and Concerns


New Joys:  Dr. Richard Jones is home and doing better.


New Concerns:  Chuck Wiseman, pray for healing. 


Ongoing Concerns including those with chronic illnesses and those who have requested prayers:  Henry Archuleta; Stephanie Archuleta;  Wayne Bacon; Carol Jean Conkin;  Rev. Randy Campbell;  Gene Chacon;  Mora Cogswell;  Rev. Adrienne Coleman;  Rick Garcia;  Rev. Katherine Griffis; Chuck Henry’s friend, Sam; Lara Higgins; Doug Hankins; Dr. Richard Jones; Gladys McGarey; John Martin;  Merle Ann Morett;  Maybelle Mudgett;  Martha Phelps; John Robertson; Kenneth Sjogren;  Charlotte Sjogren;  Lori Starika;  Nina Strong;  Bryan Thomas;  Donna Wilcox;  Deb Williams;  Charlie Wiseman;  Rev. Juanita Wiseman.


Our church, our pastor, our session; our college students; our military; our Nation and its leaders; our missionaries, the Christians around the world who are suffering persecution.


*Please note: Those listed, who are not members of our church, are concerns of our members.  Some with chronic illnesses, or personal trials, may wish continued prayer support.  This Prayer Chain e-mail list includes prayer concerns from others and from Presbytery.  Please address your questions or concerns to Dr. McGarey